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Russell Equine Veterinary Service

Herd Health Management Packages

Maintaining your horse's health through preventive health care has many benefits, including lower overall veterinary costs and a longer, more active life. Basic preventative care includes providing balanced nutrition, de-worming, vaccinations, yearly physical examinations, and yearly dentistry.

Russell Equine has established a number of pre-paid Herd Health Management Packages to aid in scheduling your horse's preventative care. Book now, and put your horse's healthcare on cruise control! Not only will our packages offer you peace of mind, but savings as well. Once enrolled, we will call you to schedule future visits when it is convenient for you. Packages are tailored to your horse with varying levels of service. From Equine athlete to Performance horse to Standard to Senior packages, being able to choose the right package means that you are getting exactly what you and your horse need. Check out our packages and book today!

Interested in a Herd Health Package?

Book now, and put your horse's healthcare on cruise control!