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Equine Athlete

Jockey and white horse jumping

The Equine Athlete program is our most comprehensive option designed with the traveling performance horse in mind. It takes into account the increased risk of exposure to infectious diseases as well as the stressful nature of high-end performance. With enrollment in the Equine Athlete Program, there is a 20% savings on products and services included when compared to their individual sale.

Athlete horse looking back

The following services are included and scheduled throughout the year:

  • Wellness exam and consultation

  • Dental exam & care – power float (sedation included)

  • Rabies vaccine (IMRAB)

  • De-wormers

  • Flu/Rhino (EIV/EHV), Eastern/Western Encephalomyelitis and Tetanus vaccine (Vetera 5)

  • Coggin’s test

  • CBC + general health profile

  • Fecal egg counts

  • Soundness examination with flexions

  • West Nile Virus vaccine

  • Potomac Horse Fever vaccine

  • Strept. Equine (Strangles) vaccine

  • Flu/Rhino 6 month booster

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