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Equine Senior

Senior horse in a pasture looking over a fence

Older horses require a special level of attention and care. It is with the older horse in mind that we developed the Equine Senior package. Enrollment in the program results in a 12% savings off of our à la carte prices.  

Brown horse jog around field

The following services are included and scheduled throughout the year:

  • Wellness exam and consultation

  • Dental exam & care – power float (sedation included)

  • Rabies vaccine (IMRAB)

  • De-wormers

  • Flu/Rhino (EIV/EHV), Eastern/Western Encephalomyelitis, and Tetanus vaccine (Vetera 5)

  • CBC + general health profile

  • Fecal egg counts

  • West Nile Virus vaccine

Interested in a Herd Health Package?

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