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Russell Equine Veterinary Service

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Equine Dentistry

At Russell Equine we use the latest in HDE float technology to ensure that we can do the best job with the least discomfort for your horse. 

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Diagnostic Imaging

Not all maladies can be diagnosed with the same instrument! At Russell Equine, we are equipped with fiberoptic endoscopy to be sure that we get the information we need to properly diagnose your horse's condition.

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Horse being given an injection in its knee joint

Sports Medicine

Whether it is due to rigorous performance, or secondary to injury- stress, and strain can influence the performance level of any horse. We at Russell Equine are well versed in the diagnosis and treatment of equine lameness. The appropriate diagnosis followed by timely treatment is essential to ensure that you and your horse are competitive.

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Equine Reproductive Medicine

Reproductive medicine continues to be a major focus at Russell Equine. We provide services both at the farm and in-house to help our clients maximize their reproductive efficiency. We are constantly updating our knowledge and the reproductive services we offer to ensure that you always get the best chance for success.

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Equine Chiropractics

Did you know there are chiropractors who focus solely on horses? If you own a horse, it may be a good idea for you to find out whether or not there are any equine chiropractors in your area.

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Stables used for on farm services.

On Farm Services

Not only are appointments available at our home base, but with six fully stocked mobile units, Russell Equine is fully able to bring the best of the clinic to your farm. From X-ray to shock-wave therapy, the majority of services that we offer are able to be done right in your barn!

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Equine Acupuncture

Russell Equine is proud to offer equine acupuncture to our clients as a safe and drug-free approach to address musculoskeletal pain and increase athletic performance. 

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Pre-Purchase Examinations

Pre-purchase examinations can be one of the most stressful parts of horse ownership, both for the buyer and the seller. At Russell Equine, we look to minimize this stress by providing a trusted opinion by tailoring the services provided to the situation at hand.

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