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Russell Equine Veterinary Service

Diagnostic Imaging

At Russell Equine, we are equipped with digital radiography, digital ultrasound, and fiberoptic endoscopy to be sure that we get the information we need to properly diagnose your horse's condition.

Horse X-ray

Digital Radiography

Russell Equine offers the latest in digital radiography technology through the use of Sound’s NEXT Equine DR and Sprint II systems. With the flexibility of wireless technology and the quality of true DR digital imaging, we are able to take radiographs either in the clinic or at your barn. From there, we are able to see the images right away while still next to your horse and evaluate to make sure we have all the images we need to make a proper diagnosis.  In cases where surgery is recommended that we cannot perform, we are able to send your horse's x-rays to referral facilities anywhere in the world and can download the images onto a memory stick so you can keep a copy for your horse's records.

Horse receiving therapeutic massage on its joints.

What is Digital Radiography?

Digital radiography refers to x-ray equipment and the process of digitally taking x-ray images. Digital images are available almost immediately after the x-ray scan is performed, and they provide a much clearer picture of the problem to help our team best assist your horse.

A digital radiography x-ray can be an invaluable diagnostic tool when checking specific locations. It is best used on bones and is most commonly used on the horse’s legs, but it can be performed just about anywhere on the body. Horses can almost always remain standing during this procedure, with few exceptions. 

Horse receiving a diagnostic ultrasound exam on it's lower leg.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Russell Equine has four ultrasound machines to meet needs ranging from tendon ultrasound to reproductive ultrasound, to needle guidance in procedures! For our tendon, ligament, and sports medicine ultrasound needs we turn to the Fujifilm Sonosite Edge II and the GE Nextgen Logiq e R8. These machines make possible to obtain high-level imaging of tendon and ligament injuries- so there is never a doubt in diagnosis. For reproductive services, we use Esaote’s MyLab Delta and Universal Imaging’s SonoEye which offer the ability to track your mare's cycle and breed more efficiently- increasing our success rate.

Horse trotting down grassy slope of field.


Not all maladies can be diagnosed with the same instrument! At Russell Equine, we are equipped with fiberoptic endoscopy to be sure that we get the information we need to properly diagnose your horse's condition.

Russell Equine offers 4 endoscopes for respiratory observation, including the latest acquisition of a battery-powered "in & out" endoscope designed for quick and convenient diagnosis or respiratory issues regardless of power availability.

Brown horse standing in a grassy field looking towards the camera from a distance


More information about our gastroscopy services will be coming soon!

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